Here you may find all the important dates and deadlines, regarding the forest maps’ suspension and submission of objections. Normally, the deadline to submit objections against the content of the forest map is 60 days, starting about 10-15 days after the first day of suspension and according to the local forest authority’s announcement. This deadlilne is extended for 20 more days, regarding people living abroad.

Taking into account that in most cases submission of documents from other public agencies is needed (e.g municipal and regional authorities), the related application need to be done in time, since a remarkable work load is expected for those agencies, and the least deadline of carrying over such applications is 50 days, a time period very close to the deadline of submitting objections. Should a Technical Consultant (Forester) is necessary, selection and inquiry should be done as soon as possible, due to high burden expected during the last days of each deadline, and web-application’s availability, as well.

Deadlines for submmiting objections against forest maps have not been extended, according to so far experience. However, since this is the first time that forest map suspensions cover entire prefectures, and prior to the number and the rate of objections submitted to the system, or the rate of people visiting the Forest Maps Suspensions Hot-Spots to be informed on the procedure, an extension of these deadlines is very possible. The technical capability of the information system where objections are submitted (for the first time objections are accepted only if submitted electronically) will also play some role to meeting these deadlines.